Internal resistance to a new identity meant we were asked to test the waters by exploring refreshed solutions. It was decided to retain the Day4 type so our main task was to strengthen the symbol. Strength equates to simplification and we removed the longitude lines that made the earth look more like a basketball. At smaller sizes, the angled corners (representing a photo cell) disappeared so we tested removing and/or exaggerating them. Cleaning up the rising sun completed the process. Once the client saw the ideas, the go ahead was given to develop a new identity. The challenge was to create a new symbol, one that had less to do with solar energy and more to do with building, enabling and creating customers. This complex request required the introduction of dots, which allowed the concept of building to take form as well as a sense of activity to imply a process. The dots vary in size to indicate growing stronger. Two colours create a transition from Day4 to its newly enabled customers. The symbol’s circular shape and sense of motion hint at the idea of both the sun and energy. The word Energy uses a different typeface to make the identity more dynamic and emphasize Day4. This also helped link the new symbol directly to Day4.