We were asked to propose a refresh solution that would tackle two issues. The symbol represented a tree and a mountain, but most people viewed it as a young tree beside a full-grown tree. (PRT does not supply full-grown trees.) And the position and size of the symbol and made it look more like PRTA. Also expansion into new markets meant the tree symbol was less relevant and growth became the main focus. The client wanted to keep the typeface intact so we turned our attention to a growth symbol that needed to remain plant-based. A circle was added to represent the container shape the seedlings are grown in. With such a strong, block typeface, PRT was always going to be visually dominant unless the symbol was huge. At the final stage, we realized the circle shape lent itself to acting as an over-sized period, as in PRT period. The revised tagline reflected the new strategy and was positioned so “grow” sat directly under the symbol, reinforcing its visual meaning.